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Local Ins and Outs

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 8, 2903

Local Ins and Outs

Miss Josie O’Hara spent Sunday in Eagle Grove.

Thomas Nixson is home for his summer vacation.

Fred Hall, of Sioux City, is visiting relatives in the city.

Miss Ida Oleson left Saturday morning for a visit in Boone.

Miss Amy Dyke of Colorado Springs is visiting in this city.

Mrs. Otis Garrison of Sioux City, is visiting Fort Dodge friends.

James Delamore and U. Graham of Clare were in the city Saturday.

Miss Evelyn Rodney of Independence is visiting at the M.J. Rodney home.

E.G. Larson and Dr. C.J. Saunders went to Clare this afternoon to attend a bank meeting.

County Superintendent A.L. Brown and wife visited over Sunday with relatives in Sac City.

Mrs. D.J. Farrell has returned to her home in Mason City after a visit at the Dr. Farrell home.

Dick Kenyon has returned from Grinnell where he has spent the year in the pursuit of learning in Iowa college.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer.

E.S. Tinkham was called to Humboldt on Friday by news of illness of his father, returning to the city Saturday.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer. (Editor’s note: This was repeated in the original paper.)

Will Mulroney has returned to the city for a week’s vacation after a trip on the road in the interest of the Gate City Hat Company.

Miss Gertrude Gardner has returned from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where she has held a position in the art department of the schools.

Miss Ella Beach, of Minneapolis, who has been visiting her mother and father in the city, leaves this week for Seattle, Washington.

Dr. C.J. Saunders leaves on Tuesday for Rochester, Minn. He expects to spend several days in studying in a hospital which is located there.

Thomas Kozel who has been living in Arizona for the past two years is expected home in a few days, for a visit with relatives in Fort Dodge.

After a visit at the J.W. Beck home in this city, Mrs. A.J. Hanson has returned to her home in Thor. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Beck.

Mrs. Augusta Hill has gone to Grinnell to attend the commencement exercises of Iowa college, from which her daughter, Miss Ina Hill, graduates this year.

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Thomas Haire Dies at Dubuque Hospital

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Jan. 13, 1915

Thomas Haire Dies at Dubuque Hospital

Former Fort Dodge Business Man No More – Funeral in This City Tomorrow

Thomas Haire, a well known resident of Fort Dodge, died last night in a hospital in Dubuque, where he has been ill for several months. Mr. Haire began to fail in health about two years ago and since that time has steadily been growing weaker until his death occurred yesterday.

He was born in Fort Dodge fifty-two years ago and is the son of a prominent and well known family. He was connected with the Haire clothing company for many years and afterwards with the Haire Drug company. Of late years he was engaged in the insurance business. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Haire, preceded him in death. The brother and sisters living are M.J., John, Will, J.F. and Edward P. Haire, Miss Anna and Miss Josephine Haire and Mrs. J.W. Kinney.

The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 9:30 o’clock from the Corpus Christi church. Father Saunders will have charge of the services.

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Ray Roper Painfully Injured

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 20, 1903

Ray Roper Painfully Injured

Sustains a Broken Leg in Runaway at Havelock

Horse Became Frightened and Starts to Run – Mr. Roper Jumps and Catches Foot in Wheel.

Ray Roper, traveling representative for the Fort Dodge Grocery company, met with a serious runaway accident Wednesday afternoon near Havelock, as the result of which he is suffering from a broken leg and other injuries.

Mr. Roper in company with another gentleman was driving near Havelock, when the horse became unmanageable, and started to run away. Mr. Roper was not driving so that he was free to jump which he did, but in lighting he in some way caught his leg in the wheel. At the speed of which the vehicle was moving it was impossible to extricate his limb so that he was dragged some distance during which he sustained a compound fracture of the leg which will necessitate his absence from work for some time. the driver kept his seat and was uninjured.

Mr. Roper is now in Havelock, where he is being nursed by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Haney Roper, who went to Havelock Wednesday evening. The accident happened at five in the afternoon.

Dr. Saunders, of Fort Dodge, was summoned to Havelock to assist in the care of the patient. A telegram received from him today indicates that the injury is quite serious.

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Pin Lodges in Her Throat

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 14, 1904

Pin Lodges in Her Throat

X-Ray Examination Reveals Pin in the Throat of Six Year Old Girl.

The six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Behrens, living on Eleventh avenue south, swallowed a pin Monday afternoon, the pointed instrument lodging in her throat. Physicians were called and the child was given an X-ray examination at the office of Dr. Saunders. The ray revealed the pin, but it was decided by the doctors to await further developments. It is thought no serious results will follow.

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Shot in the Hand by an Unknown Gunner

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 29, 1904

Shot in the Hand by an Unknown Gunner

Ed Johnson Suffers a Peculiar Experience While Standing in His Yard.

Ed Johnson, an employe (sic) of the Fort Dodge Light & Power company, living in the Oleson addition in the southeast part of the city, is suffering from a peculiar and unexplainable accident. While standing in his yard, he felt a sting in his hand. He look and his hand immediately became covered with blood. Dr. Saunders was called, and a piece of metal was found in the wound. It is supposed that the hurt was caused by a stray shot from a twenty-two calibre (sic) rifle, but no report was heard and no person was in sight in any direction. The wound is not a serious one, and Mr. Johnson will be able to be at work in a few days.

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