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Local Ins and Outs

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 8, 2903

Local Ins and Outs

Miss Josie O’Hara spent Sunday in Eagle Grove.

Thomas Nixson is home for his summer vacation.

Fred Hall, of Sioux City, is visiting relatives in the city.

Miss Ida Oleson left Saturday morning for a visit in Boone.

Miss Amy Dyke of Colorado Springs is visiting in this city.

Mrs. Otis Garrison of Sioux City, is visiting Fort Dodge friends.

James Delamore and U. Graham of Clare were in the city Saturday.

Miss Evelyn Rodney of Independence is visiting at the M.J. Rodney home.

E.G. Larson and Dr. C.J. Saunders went to Clare this afternoon to attend a bank meeting.

County Superintendent A.L. Brown and wife visited over Sunday with relatives in Sac City.

Mrs. D.J. Farrell has returned to her home in Mason City after a visit at the Dr. Farrell home.

Dick Kenyon has returned from Grinnell where he has spent the year in the pursuit of learning in Iowa college.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer.

E.S. Tinkham was called to Humboldt on Friday by news of illness of his father, returning to the city Saturday.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer. (Editor’s note: This was repeated in the original paper.)

Will Mulroney has returned to the city for a week’s vacation after a trip on the road in the interest of the Gate City Hat Company.

Miss Gertrude Gardner has returned from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where she has held a position in the art department of the schools.

Miss Ella Beach, of Minneapolis, who has been visiting her mother and father in the city, leaves this week for Seattle, Washington.

Dr. C.J. Saunders leaves on Tuesday for Rochester, Minn. He expects to spend several days in studying in a hospital which is located there.

Thomas Kozel who has been living in Arizona for the past two years is expected home in a few days, for a visit with relatives in Fort Dodge.

After a visit at the J.W. Beck home in this city, Mrs. A.J. Hanson has returned to her home in Thor. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Beck.

Mrs. Augusta Hill has gone to Grinnell to attend the commencement exercises of Iowa college, from which her daughter, Miss Ina Hill, graduates this year.

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 12, 1903

Title to 160 Acres is Now in Question

Webster County Land Which Was Once Included in Swamp Land Grant is Claimed by Denver Lawyer

The title of fifteen forty acre tracts of Webster county land, with an average value of fully $40 an acre ($958 today) and a total value of $24,000 ($574,788), is now in dispute, owing to an action taken by the county board of supervisors two years ago, at which time, on the recommendation of their agent, S.J. Bennett, they waived the rights of the county on these tracts, which were originally included in the swamp land grant. Upon t his action of the county the swamp land selections on these tracts were canceled by the United States land office at Des Moines.

All this time, the owners of the fifteen tracts in question were blissfully unconscious that anything was going on, no notice having been served upon them. When they learned what had been done, their titles had already been cancelled, and a Denver lawyer names Moses had filed application for the purchase of the lands for the regular government price, a proceeding which he was perfectly free to pursue under the law. The owners were notified a day or two ago, and by prompt action were able to reach the land office at Des Moines in time to give themselves at least a fighting chance to reclaim the title to their property. Had Mr. Moses go this payment to the land office before the files filed their remonstrance, he would have received the title to the land, but the remonstrance arrived first, and the matter will probably go to the interior department at Washington for final action. To save their title to the land, it will be necessary for the owners to undo all that has been done with the department in Washington and it will probably be considerable time before the litigation is concluded.

Attorney Frank Farrell, who has been retained to represent the present occupants of the land, gave the history of the transaction this morning as follows:

“Two years ago, an agent from the department of the interior in Washington came here to adjust the swamp land grant in this county. The board appointed as their agent in the matter S.J. Bennett, at that time a member of the board, who made a tour of the county with the representative of the interior department, and made a waiver upon part of the county covering some fifteen tracts of 40 acres each, on the theory that they were not swamp lands, and not properly included wihtin the swamp land grant.

“These tracts were all regularly selected as swamp lands as early at (sic) 1869 and the selection was reported to the proper officers of the state and the United States, but the county had neglected to call upon the governor of the state for the patents covering the same. All of these tracts were included in the sale of swamp lands made by the county in 1860. The county’s grantee sold them to different parties, and most of them have been transferred, by deeds of general warranty, many times during that period. All of the tracts have been regularly taxed for more than forty years. All are under improvement and cultivation, and all but three of the tracts have been continuously occupied by the owners for periods ranging from ten to twenty years. The other tracts have been occupied by tenants.

“It seems that in the adjustment with the agent from the interior department, the county, thru its agent, made formal waiver to its claim to the lands as being swamp lands. On the strength of this waiver the swamp land selections were cancelled at the United States land office at Des Moines and this cancellation was later approved by the general land office at Washington. The owners or occupants of these lands had no notice of the proceedings.

“Upon the approval of the cancellation, a Mr. Moses of Denver, Col., had an application on file for the purchase of the lands at the government price. Information as to the action that had been taken came to the owners and occupants a day or two ago, and action was taken immediately with regard to doing all that was possible to retain the title of the lands.”

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Kidney Removed by Operation

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 29, 1903

Kidney Removed by Operation

Remarkable Surgery Performed in Fort Dodge Short Time Ago.

Patient is Past All Danger

Operation was by Fort Dodge Surgeon – Health is Returning.

These apparently are the days of difficult surgery and delicate operations and the newspapers of the country are full of news dispatches telling of some very difficult feats of surgery that have been successful and those who have undergone the operation are alive and enjoying as good health as  though they had never been under the doctor’s knife.

An operation was performed in Fort Dodge a short time ago that takes its place with the foremost. By it one kidney was removed from the body of Mrs. Wm. Fickas and today, about three weeks after the operation, she is able to be up and about and is rapidly gaining health.

The operation was performed by Dr. Farrell and is the only one ever performed in the city, by which such a delicate organism as the kidney is removed and left the patient in as good condition as she was previous to the time the part was afflicted. Mrs. Fickas is the wife of a conductor running out of Fort Dodge.

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The Webster County Gazette: May 10, 1878


Farrell-Smith – At the residence of M.D. O’Connell, Saturday evening May 4th, 1878, Rev. Wm. C. Mills officiating, Frank Farrell, and Ida M. Smith, both of this city. No cards.

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Five Story Office Building Proposed

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 28, 1905

Five Story Office Building Proposed

Thomas Snell, Millionaire, Would Do That for the Town.

Has Had the Plans Prepared

Fire Proof Structure at Corner of 8th Street and Central Avenue Wold Be built as an Office Building – Wants Half Room Rented.

Plans are out for a large five story office building that will be erected on the southeast corner of the intersection of Eighth street and Central avenue, opposite the Oleson Drug Company.

The building, if the proper arrangements can be made, will be put up by Thomas Snell.

Mr. Snell has always had large interests in Fort Dodge, and has taken this manner of expressing his regard for the town.

The plans call for a structure fireproof in every particular. The dimensions are 65 by 140 feet, and the estimated cost will be from $150,000 to $175,000. The plans are arranged with a court which may be used as a light shaft if at any time later it is decided to extend the building on east the full 120 of the Snell lot that faces on Central avenue.

The building will of course front on Central avenue and will extend clear back to the alley next to the Crescent restaurant. It will be the most modern in every way, and will be by far the finest building in the city. The first story will be furnished for store rooms, and the four upper floors will be fitted for office use exclusively. There will be 100 rooms on these floors. The building will be supplied with double passenger elevators, and there will not be one of the details of the up-to-date office building left out of the structure.

The plans are now in the hands of Frank Farrell who has been for many years the local agent of Mr. Snell, and he will at once make an attempt to comply with the conditions that must be met before the work of erection is started.

The only thing that is needed for the assurance of the building to Fort Dodge is the renting of two of the four upper floors, and Mr. Farrell hopes to be able to do this without any great amount of trouble.

(Editor’s note: In 2010 dollars, the building would cost between $3,592,422 and $4,191,159.)

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