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Local Ins and Outs

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 8, 2903

Local Ins and Outs

Miss Josie O’Hara spent Sunday in Eagle Grove.

Thomas Nixson is home for his summer vacation.

Fred Hall, of Sioux City, is visiting relatives in the city.

Miss Ida Oleson left Saturday morning for a visit in Boone.

Miss Amy Dyke of Colorado Springs is visiting in this city.

Mrs. Otis Garrison of Sioux City, is visiting Fort Dodge friends.

James Delamore and U. Graham of Clare were in the city Saturday.

Miss Evelyn Rodney of Independence is visiting at the M.J. Rodney home.

E.G. Larson and Dr. C.J. Saunders went to Clare this afternoon to attend a bank meeting.

County Superintendent A.L. Brown and wife visited over Sunday with relatives in Sac City.

Mrs. D.J. Farrell has returned to her home in Mason City after a visit at the Dr. Farrell home.

Dick Kenyon has returned from Grinnell where he has spent the year in the pursuit of learning in Iowa college.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer.

E.S. Tinkham was called to Humboldt on Friday by news of illness of his father, returning to the city Saturday.

Miss Maude Herrick leaves tonight for her home in Elk River, Minn., where she will spend most of the summer. (Editor’s note: This was repeated in the original paper.)

Will Mulroney has returned to the city for a week’s vacation after a trip on the road in the interest of the Gate City Hat Company.

Miss Gertrude Gardner has returned from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where she has held a position in the art department of the schools.

Miss Ella Beach, of Minneapolis, who has been visiting her mother and father in the city, leaves this week for Seattle, Washington.

Dr. C.J. Saunders leaves on Tuesday for Rochester, Minn. He expects to spend several days in studying in a hospital which is located there.

Thomas Kozel who has been living in Arizona for the past two years is expected home in a few days, for a visit with relatives in Fort Dodge.

After a visit at the J.W. Beck home in this city, Mrs. A.J. Hanson has returned to her home in Thor. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Beck.

Mrs. Augusta Hill has gone to Grinnell to attend the commencement exercises of Iowa college, from which her daughter, Miss Ina Hill, graduates this year.

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Two Women Engage in Single Combat

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 4, 1903

Two Women Engage in Single Combat

Desperate Struggle for Supremacy Interrupted by Arrival of Police in Court This Morning.

The sight of two women engaged in a fierce struggle mingled with cursing and hair pulling, was the panorama offered passerby near the Duncombe house at about 10 o’clock Friday night.

The participants in this fracas were Miss Edith Quegg and Mrs. Sadie O’Hara, who, Miss Quegg claimed in Police court this morning had become entangled in this dispute because Mrs. O’Hara had falsely claimed that Miss Quegg was paying attentions to Mrs. O’Hara’s husband.

The two women were arrested and continued to swear and wrangle after being taken to the city jail. Upon paymen (sic) of $20 Mrs. O’Hara was released on promise of appearing in Police Court this morning but she did not appear. Miss Quegg, accompanied by her mother, defended herself in court this morning, saying that neither were intoxicated and that Mrs. O’Hara was the cause of all the trouble.

Mayor Bennett fined her $10 and costs. Mrs. Quegg left a gold watch as security for her daughter’s fine.
This was the only case in police court this morning.

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