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Shot in the Hand by an Unknown Gunner

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 29, 1904

Shot in the Hand by an Unknown Gunner

Ed Johnson Suffers a Peculiar Experience While Standing in His Yard.

Ed Johnson, an employe (sic) of the Fort Dodge Light & Power company, living in the Oleson addition in the southeast part of the city, is suffering from a peculiar and unexplainable accident. While standing in his yard, he felt a sting in his hand. He look and his hand immediately became covered with blood. Dr. Saunders was called, and a piece of metal was found in the wound. It is supposed that the hurt was caused by a stray shot from a twenty-two calibre (sic) rifle, but no report was heard and no person was in sight in any direction. The wound is not a serious one, and Mr. Johnson will be able to be at work in a few days.

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