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A Free Trip to the World’s Fair

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 5, 1904

A Free Trip to the World’s Fair

Boston Store Makes Magnificent Offer to Public of Fort Dodge

Give Away Five Railway Tickets

Inaugurates Voting Contest, Winners to Have Free Trip to St. Louis

There is a good trip and a good time in store for five customers of the Boston Store during the coming summer. In this evening’s issue is a notice in the Boston Store advertisement, that the management will give first class railway round trip tickets from Fort Dodge to St. Louis, to the five persons having the largest number of votes. The voting starts Monday and tickets or votes will be given with each fifty cent purchase. A Messenger representative in conversation with Mr. Charon was informed that there would be no restrictions of any kind placed  upon those who vote, except that none of the clerks in the store will be a candidate. A large receptacle will be placed in a conspicuous place in the store where the votes may be deposited. These will be counted once a week and an annauncement (sic) made of the count and the votes for each candidate that have been deposited. The tickets will be awarded some time during the month of July. Just what date has not been decided upon, but will be announced later. It is the intention to procure the tickets over one or more of the roads running into Fort Dodge.

This is the most liberal premium t hat has been offered to the buying public in the nature of railroad fare for some time. There have been trip tickets given away in former years, but no one concern has ever offered to give five away at o ne time. There is every reason to believe that the interest in the voting will spring into popular favor from the start and that there will be a spirited contest. A trip to the World’s Fair will be something to look forward to with great anticipation. Five persons would make an ideal number to go together in a party.


Free Want Ads For Present Week

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 19, 1910

Free Want Ads For Present Week

Readers’ Attention is Directed to The Enlarged Classified Department of This Issue

This evening the first of the free Want Ads appear, and during each evening this week The Chronicle will given (sic) free service to any who desires same, merely for the purpose of demonstrating to the people of Fort Dodge more thoroughly than has ever been done before the benefit of the Chronicle’s classified department.

The number given today is a large one and if the reader will look over the same he may find some article he desires to purchase, or may find some one who is looking for some particular article which he has for sale. Read them every evening during this week, and by that time the habit will be so firmly fixed with you that it will be one of the departments never overlooked in reading the evening paper. There are hundreds of good bargains offered and there are a great many opportunities to dispose of certain articles.

During the present week, as has been announced in these columns in the past, a free service will be given to the people of Fort Dodge and vicinity. This offer is open to all, whether subscribers of the Chronicle or not, and is merely made to demonstrate the value of classified advertising. All ads received up to noon each day will appear in that evening’s issue of The Chronicle, but they must be forwarded by mail or brought to this office as under this offer we would be swamped if an effort was made to take the same over telephone. That a large number were received at this office after noon t0-day accounts for their non-appearance this evening, but they will be found under the proper classification on Tuesday evening and will be run for the remainder of the week unless the party inserting the same notifies us their wants have been supplied.