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Martin Luther Bible Sold

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 6, 1907

Martin Luther Bible Sold

The Treasured Volume Changes Hands for $700 consideration

Considered Precious Possess

Volume Believed to Be One of Three Which Luther Printed – Has Interesting History.

Britt, March 6 – John Jacobs this week provisionally sold his Martin Luther Bible to F. Klein east of town for $70 – an enormous price for a bible yet much less than his book would bring if Mr. Jacobs should bring the volume to the notice of those who prize such genuine antiquities and are willing to pay accordingly.

The volume, 18 inches in height, and 10 inches thick, is one of the three bibles printed by Martin Luther, at which he consumed nearly 40 years. Mr. Jacobs came in possession of it by befriending a poor old fellow while living in St. Paul a dozen or more years ago; an old German, in destitute circumstances, appealed to him for assistance and confided his possession of this treasured Bible which has come down thru many generations of his family. John assisted “old Richard,” who in gratitude promised that when he died he should have the book delivered to Mr. Jacobs. About five years ago he passed away, out in Nebraska, and shortly after his aged wife came to Bancroft and personally delivered into Mr. Jacob’s hands the bible as the old man had promised in his will. Mr. Jacobs has not paraded his possession, and but few have seen it, but those who have examined the heavy old volume are readily convinced of its genuineness. Another citizen here in town, stands ready to pay an even thousand for the book any time, but it is doubtful if he will ever induce another change of ownership.

(Editor’s note: The second headline says $700 but the article says $70. I believe the amount must have been $700, based on the last sentence. Recently, a Martin Luther Bible was discovered in Wisconsin. I can’t verify that only three were made, or how much one would be worth.)