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Still No Danger From Jack Frost

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 24, 1903

Still No Danger From Jack Frost

Second Visit By the Unwelcome Stranger to this Vicinity

Tender Plants Are Touched

Every Day of Freedom From Killing Cold Means More Prosperity

An iceman once sold
Bits of ice, small and cold,
And charged for them
Their weight in gold.
At last he died,
And in torment cried,
“What wouldn’t I give
For that ice again.”

Mr. J. Frost made his second visit to Fort Dodge Wednesday night. from what can be learned by those who arose early enough to observe traces of his visit, he did not make a very lasting impression. A well known man whose word is never doubted, made the statement this morning, that but very little if any damage had been done. He also stated that the thermometer had registered but 34 at the lowest point during the early morning hours, and the frost had not done any damage on the high places and where there was shelter. On some of the low places about the city there was evidences of frost but not of a damaging character. Some of the more tender plants and vines showed traces of damage, but the more hardy varieties of vegetables and plants were not damaged.

A very favorable indication for fair weather and no frost tonight, is the friendly quarter in which the wind shifted this morning, being in the southeast. Every bright day means more prosperity for northern Iowa and incidentally Fort Dodge. It means more ground turned over by the farmers, more vegetables in the gardens, more fall pasturing for the feeders, more work for the man with the dinner pail, more building and improvements, and incidentally hands a sassy swipe to the coal trust.