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More Fines for Illegal Fishing

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 6, 1905

More Fines for Illegal Fishing

Sac City Violators Forced to Suffer the Penalty

The Deputies as Detectives

Strangers Come to Town and Are Afterwards Found to Be Detectives  – Many Prominent Men Are Implicated in the Affair

Sac City, July 5 – Much surprise was expressed here on Monday when it was noised about that several of the prominent citizens had been arrested by state deputies acting under orders from head officials at Cedar Rapids, for illegal fishing in Wall Lake. About ten days ago several strangers came to Lake View and registered at a local hotel. They were unassuming and no one suspected they were keenly watching the shores of the lake. However, at last they made known their identity, and it resulted in the exposing of the fishermen. Those alleged to be guilty of the seining of fish from Wall Lake and arrested by the deputies are: Jas. Herring, Louis Hawks, W.A. Nuttes, and a druggist named Scott. They were taken in custody by Sheriff Tepeel and will be placed on trial soon to answer for the defense.