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Fort Dodge’s Live Ones: Welch Brothers

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 20, 1906

Fort Dodge’s Live Ones: Welch Brothers

Welch Brothers, “Sam and Ed,” are not very old yet, but in proportion to their years they have been the shoe business a long time and have learned about all the points there are to be discovered about the trade.

Sam Welch went to work for C.M. Rudesill as a boy twenty years ago, spending his time out of school hours at the shoe store. He was with Mr. Rudesill about twelve years; then went to Minneapolis, and was with A. Knoblauch for six years. Returning to Fort Dodge he had charge of the shoe departmetn of the Boston store for a short time and then was with the Richardson shoe company of Menominee, Michigan, for one and one-half years as traveling salesman.

Ed Welch has been in the shoe business twelve years – four years with C.F. Wennerstrom, four years with the Larson Dry Goods company and four years with the Green Wheeler shoe company on the road.

The Welch Brothers bought the shoe stock of Edward Rank last September and formed the partnership which promises to be a marked success. the extensive experience of the owners of this establishment gives them every advantage in buying goods and their wide acquaintance in Fort Dodge, this having always been their home, gives them the advantage in selling in large quantities.

They are pushing the “Welch Brothers Brand” of shoes, rather than the make of any particular factory, having faith in their ability to select the best quality of goods in their line – a product they are willing to vouch for with their name.

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The Siren Auto Horn

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 22, 1906

The Siren Auto Horn

Description of the “Horn  That Startled the Mayor” – is in Favor With Autoists.

The suit of the city of Fort Dodge against Ed Rank in the effort to make him lay aside the siren horn on his auto, which holds the record for strange suits in this state for some years past is for trial at the next term of the district court. In view of this face a description of the horn that caused the trouble and in the words of big headlines in leading dailies all over the country, “startled the mayor” will no doubt be interesting to many.

The horn was invented by a Frenchman about two years ago and at once took a popular place. It is operated automatically by the pressing of a lever. The sound is produced by a revolving mechanism in the front of the horn and stars (sic) with a slight whir-louder (sic). The principle is the same as in the small “Devil Whistles” much in favor with small boys. The lever presses a bulb against the fly wheel which turns the “buzz mechanism” in the front part of the horn and starts the sound. A special copy right cable from Paris to the New York World on the siron (sic) horn has some interesting points on the matter. It is as follows:

Paris, Sept. 21. – Sirens instead of ordinary horns are growing in use among automobilists. This warning apparatus, which makes a noise like the wail of a lost soul, is much more effective as a frightener than any common tooter. A cart driver asleep in the bottom of his vehicle is not easily roused by the sound of an ordinary auto horn because he long since has become accustomed to it, but the siren’s song awakens him to the danger and the necessity of giving a portion of the route.

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Auto Scares Horse A Woman Hurt

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 14, 1906

Auto Scares Horse A Woman Hurt

Unfortunate Accident at Hart’s Grove – Mrs. William Hayes Injured.

A horse driven by Mr. and Mrs. William Hayes of Otho was scared by the automobile of Ed Rank at the republican rally at Hart’s grove today and Mrs. Hayes was thrown from the rig and severely injured.

Mrs. Rank was driving the machine. She met the other vehicle on a hill near the grove. The horse became frightened and began to rear and plunge. Mrs. Rank ran the auto clear out into the ditch to give more room and stopped the machine. Still the animal did not stop and Mr. Hayes, who was driving, being many nearly seventy years of age was unable to control it. A sudden jolt threw his wife out and she was picked up from the road in an almost unconscious condition. She was taken to the residence of George Lingerts near the grove and a physician was called. Her condition is serious but the nature of her injuries are not yet known. The accident happened shortly before noon.

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Peculiar Tangle in Mayor’s Court

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Sept. 8, 1906

Peculiar Tangle in Mayor’s Court

Ed Rank Arrested for Sounding Weird Siren Horn on His Auto.

Fined; But Appeals the Case

Mayor Says Horn Sounds Like Dying Wail And Scares Women and Children – Rank Says it is Necessary to Make People Get Out of Way.

Fort Dodge is noted for its peculiar legal tangles, but what seems to be the strangest yet arose this morning in the mayor’s court when Ed Rank appeared charged with disturbing the peace by sounding a weird siren horn on his auto about the streets.

Mr. Rank bought the horn which has caused all the trouble in Omaha during a trip there a few weeks ago. It was invented about a year ago and has become very popular in the east on account of the effective warning it gives.

It has a strangely weird sound, starting with a wail and ending in a wild shriek, and if given full force, can be heard for blocks. To one who does not know what it is or is of a nervous temperament, it undoubtedly has a terrifying sound.

When Mr. Rank first appeared here with it on his auto, Mr. Bennett, through his police, warned him not to use it. He continued, however, feeling that if care was used not to sound it with full force all would go well. Continual complaints to the mayor caused him to notify Mr. Rank last night to appear before him this morning to stand trial.

At the trial Mr. Rank and H.B. Groves, proprietor of one of the local garages, testified for the defendant, stating that such a horn was a great benefit to the autoist and to pedestrians, because it gave such a good warning of the auto’s approach. They stated that the ordinary horns were paid but little attention and something to carry far was almost necessary.

Mayor Bennett held that the horn was a nuisance. He stated that its sound caused people to run to the windows in dismay, wondering what had happened, or to hide themselves in terror; that it carried a sound which was like the shhriek of a dying man or the wail of a lost soul and that numbers of prominent people of the city (naming them) had earnestly requested that, as chief executive of the ctiy, he should take steps to abate it. In the end the fine named was levied. Maurice O’Connor appeared for Mr. Rank and the case was conducted for the city by City Solicitor M.J. Mitchell. Immediately after the close of the trial an appeal to the district court was taken by the attorney for the defendant. the appeal bond was fixed at $100. It was immediately given.

A peculiar feature of the case is that the city’s right to hold Mr. Rank is based on an ordinance that specifically defines what shall constitute disturbing the peace. Among other things it says that the blowing of horns of an unusual kind shall be disturbing the peace. This ordinance was passed back in 1869, before an automobile was built in the world. What was in view at the time that it was passed seems hard to get at, yet taking the strict construction of the provision, it fits the present case to a nicety.

It was reported that Mr. Rank had sent word to Judge Richard at Webster City asking for an injunction restraining the city from interfering with him in blowing his horn. This is untrue.

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And Still They Come

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 12, 1906

And Still They Come

Two Automobiles Have Been Bought by Local Men – A Cadillac and a Thomas.

The ranks of the local automobilists have been swelled by the arrival of two cars in the city. Ed Rank arrived Saturday night in his new Thomas heavy touring car. This machine is one of the best built in this country, and has a fifty horse power gasoline engine with the cylinders cast separately. It seats seven with comfort, having in the back, two revolving seats besides those ordinarily found in touring cars. The body is painted a rosewood finish while the running gear is red. The car is very long, as it has 114 inches wheel base. It cost its owner $3,500 and is guaranteed to make a speed of sixty miles per hour by the makers.

Another of the doctors of the city have purchased a machine. Dr. Dorr, who has bought a Cadillac runabout from the local agency. There are now four doctors of the city who make their rounds in machines and all of them think them more to their advantage than the using of horses.

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A Family Affair

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The Webster County Gazette: May 10, 1878

A Family Affair

That’s what that pleasant little happening over at the Catholic church Wednesday evening was to us. The groom, Mr. Anton Rank, is the binder of the Gazette & Messenger office, and an industrious upright young man whom we and all who know him, are glad to see on the way to a bright and prosperous future. Miss Kate Laufersweiler, the bride is the sister of one of our substantial business men, and a girl whose worthy qualities have made her beloved by a large circle of friends. The young couple settle down to life at once, having made all preparations to go to housekeeping.

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Home and Society

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 30, 1903

Home and Society

On Tuesday, March 24, a surprise party was successfully carried out at the resident (sic) of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Mavity on Seventh avenue north in honor of Miss Myrtle Donald who soon departs for Havelock, Iowa, to make her future home. The evening was spent in playing stock exchange and other games. The hostess was presented with a gold souveneir (sic) spoon. Light refreshments were serve.

The invited guests were as follows:

Myrtle Parsons
Kittie Flaherty
Florence Murphy
Etta Albright
Hattie Koll
Florence Wolf
Leslie Cuppett
Arthur Anderson
Hattie Bechtel
Albert McGuire
Harry Koll
Joe Magennis
Florence Rank
Ailene Flaherty
Alta Lemon
Clara Henry
Mabel Gordon
Mabel Mack
Carl Schaffer
Eva Colwell
Somerfield Parsons
James Murphy
John Magennis

■ ■ ■

Mrs. E. Olson entertained on Thursday evening for Miss Olga Christopherson of Thor, who has been visiting in this city. A delightful evening was passed, Mr. Klinehaus and Miss Oleson furnishing some well appreciated musical numbers. Those present were Messrs. –

Messrs. –
Bernard Klinehaus Frank Moeller
Misses –
Anna Halligan
Dora Oleson
Carl Christopherson
Elizabeth Moeller
Anna Heilemann
Elsie Ottosen

(Editor’s note: I think that Carl Christopherson in the second notice was accidentally put in with the Misses category or the name is wrong. I try to transcribe what I see, only making note of what looks wrong, so I left the name where it was.)

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