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West Bend is Badly Scorched

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 24, 1903

West Bend is Badly Scorched

Saloon and Billiard Hall are Burned in Fierce Early Morning Blaze

One Family’s Narrow Escape

Aroused From sleep to Flee for Their Lives. They Saved Nothing.

West Bend, March 24 – The Link saloon and the Delano billiard hall in this place were burned to the ground early this morning. The fire started in the saloon at 2:30 o’clock from some unknown cause, and the flames, fanned by the strong wind which was blowing spread to the billiard hall which stood next door.

The West Bend fire department by hard work succeeded in saving the real estate office of J.J. Watson which however was badly damaged, as was an elevator which stood close by.

A family named Douglas, who lived over the saloon, were roused from their sleep by the cry of fire, and were forced to flee into the stormy night. They were able to save nothing of their personal effects, but are being kindly looked after by the neighbors.

The loss on the  buildings destroyed is not definitely known. Mr. Delano was carrying $200 insurance.