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Destructive Fire at Knierim

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 4, 1904

Destructive Fire at Knierim

East Side of Main Street Swept by Flames

Loss Amounts to About $4,000 – Fire Originated in Hay Mow of a Livery Barn

The whole east side of the main street of Knierim was destroyed by fire Friday evening, causing a loss of about $4,000 ($95,798 today), partially covered by insurance.The fire originated in the haymow of the livery barn, and had broken thru the roof of that building before being noticed. Three horses were burned before they could be rescued. The fire spread rapidly to the adjoining  buildings, all of which were consumed despite the utmost efforts of the fire company. The strong wind which was blowing at the time made control of the blaze impossible.

The buildings consumed were the livery barn, belonging to John Burr, partially covered by insurance, the George Wright harness shop, fully insured and a carpenter shop. The last named building was empty.

The fire was discovered about 4:30 in the afternoon and was so far advanced that nothing could be done by the fire department.


Told in Knierim

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 20, 1907

Told in Knierim.

Something That Explains The Scarcity of Ducks This Spring.

“Yessir. Killed a thousand ducks. Why they wuz so plentiful that year that my brother and another feller killed a thousand in one day.” The oldest inhabitant took a long draw at his pipe as he looked out of the corner of his eye to see how the story was received.

“Aw, that’s nothin’,” was the quick reply from a young man who had perched himself on the counter. “Why, ducks was so thick one spring that Paw killed them with a pitchfork when they flew past the wagon over his head.”

As an explanation of the scarcity of birds this spring and their shy manner, the above stories were told in a store at Knierim a couple of days ago.