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Ray Roper Painfully Injured

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 20, 1903

Ray Roper Painfully Injured

Sustains a Broken Leg in Runaway at Havelock

Horse Became Frightened and Starts to Run – Mr. Roper Jumps and Catches Foot in Wheel.

Ray Roper, traveling representative for the Fort Dodge Grocery company, met with a serious runaway accident Wednesday afternoon near Havelock, as the result of which he is suffering from a broken leg and other injuries.

Mr. Roper in company with another gentleman was driving near Havelock, when the horse became unmanageable, and started to run away. Mr. Roper was not driving so that he was free to jump which he did, but in lighting he in some way caught his leg in the wheel. At the speed of which the vehicle was moving it was impossible to extricate his limb so that he was dragged some distance during which he sustained a compound fracture of the leg which will necessitate his absence from work for some time. the driver kept his seat and was uninjured.

Mr. Roper is now in Havelock, where he is being nursed by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Haney Roper, who went to Havelock Wednesday evening. The accident happened at five in the afternoon.

Dr. Saunders, of Fort Dodge, was summoned to Havelock to assist in the care of the patient. A telegram received from him today indicates that the injury is quite serious.