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Remember Iowa’s Natal Day

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Evening Messenger, Dec. 30, 1896

Remember Iowa’s Natal Day

DES MOINES, Dec. 29 — Des Moines was decked with flags yesterday in honor of the semicentennial anniversary of Iowa’s statehood. Fifty years ago the act for admission of Iowa was approved by the president. City, county, state and school buildings and business houses and residences generally were decorated with flags, but there were no other observations aside from a national salute at sunrise.

Semi-weekly Chronicle, Dec. 30, 1896

Listed under “Additional Local” on Page 4

Monday was the fiftieth anniversary of Iowa’s statehood, and was a day appropriate for the display of national colors as recommended by the proclamation of the governor. Iowa has a proud record back of her and a promising future ahead. In increase of wealth and population, as well as in the development of great natural resources, Iowa in every way does credit to the great republic and is one of the brightest stars in the jeweled band of union. Fifty years has seen this great commonwealth develope (sic) from a vast ocean of rank prairie grass backboned with timber bordered streams to a veritable garden of fertility. The rich loam has been turned int gold; the forests have fenced the prairie farms and the bountiful portion of mineral wealth has been ever a potent factor in aiding our material progress. The hamlets of fifty years ago have grown to cities and the cities have grown rich and populous. All will now go well with the Hawkeye state if the political doctors haven’t forced her to swallow an over dose of their particular kind of confidence which produces nausea and headache.


“January” thaw

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Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle, Dec. 29, 1919

“January” thaw

It’s Wet Underfoot But a Raw Wind Makes Overcoat a Necessity.

The January thaw got here before January but whether or not it is a January thaw no one will have any doubts about the thawing part. The streets are running water and even the hardest chunks of dirty ice are being resolved into water under the combination of milder temperatures and sunshine.

But even with the thaw working overtime, there is a cold sharp wind which is felt every now and then and makes the day seem “rather raw, don’t you know?”

Everything seemed lined up for a good blizzard Sunday afternoon. The day was cloudy and not very cold. Fine sleet fell about noon and later this turned into a snow. The snow stopped, however, before the big banks of dirty snow which are a hang-over from the storms of several weeks ago, were completely covered over. The result was like that of a small boy who tries to wash himself and calls it a finish when he is white only in spots.

The Weather

Fair tonight and probably Tuesday, slightly colder tonight and northwest portion Tuesday.

Minimum temperature 32 above.