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Unclean Practice Deserves Reproval

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 23, 1905

Unclean Practice Deserves Reproval

Ice Men Said to be Cleaning Ice in the Horse Watering Troughs

The Physicians Say to Stop

The Names of the Ice Men Who are Doing This Kind of Work Will Be Published if There Are Any More Complaints of Like Nature

The employes of an ice company have been cleaning chunks of ice in the public watering troughs and then carrying the ice to the residences, where is used for drinking and other purposes.

The practice has been going on for some time and has been called to the attention of the ice men and to many of the patrons. Physicians have taken the matter up and say that unless the practice is stopped at once the ice men will find themselves in trouble.

Even if there is no law prohibiting an affair of this kind the names of the dealers could be published. No clean housewife would think of using ice that has been subjected to such treatment.

The ice is dipped into the horse troughs and the worst of the dirt and sawdust is removed. When the ice is received at the house the housekeeper thinks that it has been cleaned by throwing water on it as is the usual custom. The ice is placed in the refrigerator and pieces may be chipped off to make ice water, lemonade, ice tea or some other cooling drinks.

The ice is kept in the refrigerator for some time and if disease germs and other impurities do not find their way into the refrigerator it is not the fault of the ice man. The practice is very unhealthy as the watering troughs are used as bathing place for dogs as well as for a drinking place by horses.

The matter has been called to the attention of the Messenger before but it was thought that the practice would be stopped and there was no proof at the time. Now that proof has been given that certain employes have been indulging in this practice it is thought time to call a halt.