Kidney Removed by Operation

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 29, 1903

Kidney Removed by Operation

Remarkable Surgery Performed in Fort Dodge Short Time Ago.

Patient is Past All Danger

Operation was by Fort Dodge Surgeon – Health is Returning.

These apparently are the days of difficult surgery and delicate operations and the newspapers of the country are full of news dispatches telling of some very difficult feats of surgery that have been successful and those who have undergone the operation are alive and enjoying as good health as  though they had never been under the doctor’s knife.

An operation was performed in Fort Dodge a short time ago that takes its place with the foremost. By it one kidney was removed from the body of Mrs. Wm. Fickas and today, about three weeks after the operation, she is able to be up and about and is rapidly gaining health.

The operation was performed by Dr. Farrell and is the only one ever performed in the city, by which such a delicate organism as the kidney is removed and left the patient in as good condition as she was previous to the time the part was afflicted. Mrs. Fickas is the wife of a conductor running out of Fort Dodge.

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