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Richard Snell is Caller in City

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 30, 1910

Richard Snell is Caller in City

Nothing Definite to Announce Regarding New Building at Corner of Eighth and Central Avenue.

Richard Snell arrived in the city this morning for the purpose of looking after business interests in this section of the state, and this evening will be entertained at a six o’clock dinner at the Wahkonsa by Hon. O.M. Oleson, and at which time he will meet a number of the business men of the city.

When asked this afternoon regarding his plans for the erection of a business block at the corner of Central avenue and Eighth street, by a representative of The Chronicle, Mr. Snell asserted he had not settled definitely on the nature of the building which would be erected in the spring and for this reason had nothing to give out at the present time.

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Five Story Office Building Proposed

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 28, 1905

Five Story Office Building Proposed

Thomas Snell, Millionaire, Would Do That for the Town.

Has Had the Plans Prepared

Fire Proof Structure at Corner of 8th Street and Central Avenue Wold Be built as an Office Building – Wants Half Room Rented.

Plans are out for a large five story office building that will be erected on the southeast corner of the intersection of Eighth street and Central avenue, opposite the Oleson Drug Company.

The building, if the proper arrangements can be made, will be put up by Thomas Snell.

Mr. Snell has always had large interests in Fort Dodge, and has taken this manner of expressing his regard for the town.

The plans call for a structure fireproof in every particular. The dimensions are 65 by 140 feet, and the estimated cost will be from $150,000 to $175,000. The plans are arranged with a court which may be used as a light shaft if at any time later it is decided to extend the building on east the full 120 of the Snell lot that faces on Central avenue.

The building will of course front on Central avenue and will extend clear back to the alley next to the Crescent restaurant. It will be the most modern in every way, and will be by far the finest building in the city. The first story will be furnished for store rooms, and the four upper floors will be fitted for office use exclusively. There will be 100 rooms on these floors. The building will be supplied with double passenger elevators, and there will not be one of the details of the up-to-date office building left out of the structure.

The plans are now in the hands of Frank Farrell who has been for many years the local agent of Mr. Snell, and he will at once make an attempt to comply with the conditions that must be met before the work of erection is started.

The only thing that is needed for the assurance of the building to Fort Dodge is the renting of two of the four upper floors, and Mr. Farrell hopes to be able to do this without any great amount of trouble.

(Editor’s note: In 2010 dollars, the building would cost between $3,592,422 and $4,191,159.)

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