And Still They Come

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 12, 1906

And Still They Come

Two Automobiles Have Been Bought by Local Men – A Cadillac and a Thomas.

The ranks of the local automobilists have been swelled by the arrival of two cars in the city. Ed Rank arrived Saturday night in his new Thomas heavy touring car. This machine is one of the best built in this country, and has a fifty horse power gasoline engine with the cylinders cast separately. It seats seven with comfort, having in the back, two revolving seats besides those ordinarily found in touring cars. The body is painted a rosewood finish while the running gear is red. The car is very long, as it has 114 inches wheel base. It cost its owner $3,500 and is guaranteed to make a speed of sixty miles per hour by the makers.

Another of the doctors of the city have purchased a machine. Dr. Dorr, who has bought a Cadillac runabout from the local agency. There are now four doctors of the city who make their rounds in machines and all of them think them more to their advantage than the using of horses.

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