Two Women Engage in Single Combat

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 4, 1903

Two Women Engage in Single Combat

Desperate Struggle for Supremacy Interrupted by Arrival of Police in Court This Morning.

The sight of two women engaged in a fierce struggle mingled with cursing and hair pulling, was the panorama offered passerby near the Duncombe house at about 10 o’clock Friday night.

The participants in this fracas were Miss Edith Quegg and Mrs. Sadie O’Hara, who, Miss Quegg claimed in Police court this morning had become entangled in this dispute because Mrs. O’Hara had falsely claimed that Miss Quegg was paying attentions to Mrs. O’Hara’s husband.

The two women were arrested and continued to swear and wrangle after being taken to the city jail. Upon paymen (sic) of $20 Mrs. O’Hara was released on promise of appearing in Police Court this morning but she did not appear. Miss Quegg, accompanied by her mother, defended herself in court this morning, saying that neither were intoxicated and that Mrs. O’Hara was the cause of all the trouble.

Mayor Bennett fined her $10 and costs. Mrs. Quegg left a gold watch as security for her daughter’s fine.
This was the only case in police court this morning.

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