Has Discovered His Parentage

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 12, 1903

Has Discovered His Parentage

Irving B. Bischoff, of Fonda, Claims Interest in Webster County Lands by Inheritance

Says His Real Name is Young

Story of One ot (sic) Most Peculiar Claims Ever Presented in Webster County

As a result of a quarrel with the man whom he had all his  life supposed to be his father, Irving B. Bishoff (sic) of Fonda, who now believes that his real name in (sic) Young, was in the city on Wednesday, investigating what he believes to be a valid claim to certain Webster county lands. Bishoff (sic) claims an interest, by inheritance, in 130 acres of land in Johnson township, now owned by W.F. Rubel.

The story of Bischoff’s discovery of his real parentage is a strange one. For thirty years he has lived quietly in Fonda, believing himself to be the son of the man whom he now considers his step father. A short time ago, a difference of opinion arose between the two men, in the course of which the elder Bischoff announced the fact that the relation between them was not that of father and son. The younger man started to unravel the mystery, with startling results:

He now believes that his grandfather was James S. Young, and that his father was Samuel Young, who died before he was born. After his father’s death, his mother married Bischoff. J.S. Young was the owner of 130 acres of land in Johnson township, described as follows: the north one-half of the south east quarter and the east fifty acres of the south one-half of the south east quarter of section 20, range 89, township 30.

James S. Young left a will in which he bequeathed this property to his wife, Martha Young, during the term of her natural life. Later Martha Young brought suit to have her dower set apart to her, alleging that her son Samuel Young died unmarried and without issue. This was done, and subsequently another suit was brought by one of the heirs to have the land sold and the proceeds divided. In this suit it was alleged again that Samuel Young died unmarried and without issue. Accordingly, the land was sold, and the proceeds divided among the heirs.

In both suits, notice was served on the unknown heirs by publication. Whether this notice will have any effect on the claim of the heir who has thus unexpectedly presented himself, is said to be a matter of doubt, as he has all the time resided within the borders of the state of Iowa, while the notice by publication applies only to those resident outside the state.

Bischoff claims a 2-9 interest in the 130 acres now owned by Mr. Rubel.

Bischoff was in the city on Tuesday going over the records with a view to establishing his claim. He stated while here that he will hereafter go by the name of Young  which he claims to be lawfully his.

The case is one of the most peculiar which has come up for sometime. The fact that the allegations in both previous suits claim that Samuel Young died unmarried and without issue point apparently to a secret marriage on the part of that individual. Bischoff while here, asserted that he would trace the matter to its foundations, and would take all steps to secure possession of what he believes to be his patrimony.

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