Public Recital of Music

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 29, 1904

Public Recital of Music

Mrs. Smeltzer’s Pupils are Heard by Many Friends.

Recital Took Place at The Baptist Church and Caused Most Favorable Comments From All.

The pupils studying under the direction of Mrs. Smeltzer gave their final public recital last evening. The Baptist church is a delightful place for such an entertainment and the room was filled at an early hour not only by fond parents but outsiders interested in education, children and music.

The program, somewhat formidable in length moved off with great promptness and perfection, that the hour seemed very short.

One might be tempted to comment on this or that pupil, who by personal charm or skill left a particularly favorable impression. Such notice is however, not the object of such a program. It is rather to show the work of the school as a whole. The pupils are of all grades of natural ability, the proportion of genius and talent being no greater than is usual in such a number. The absolute accracy (sic) og (sic) their knowledge of their pieces, the beautiful quality of their tone and the musical phrasing and interpretations are therefore the highest tribute to the excellence of their training. The least showy pupil may record the greatest progress in mental and musical development.

It is pleasant to think how many homes are richer and brighter for this music and how many pupils are learning, almost unconsciously, the difficult lesson of self-control and self-expression.

(Editor’s note: This article is written in such a way to make me think that the pupils were less accomplished than enthusiastic, perhaps. There is no mention of any names of pupils or the works they performed. It makes me think that perhaps there were  few good performances and the writer was trying to live up to the saying, “if you can’t be kind, at least be vague.”)

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