Vic Dolliver Gaining Fame as Corn Husker

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 19, 1903

Vic Dolliver Gaining Fame as Corn Husker

Proving to Washington Legislators the Falsity of Reports That he is Not an Iowa Farmer.

Victor Dolliver, during his stay in Washington is actively engaged in demonstrating the falsity of the reports which are being circulated derogatory to his fair reputation as a son of the soil. Frank J. Stillman, in one of his Washington letters has the following which will be of interest to Vic’s Fort Dodge friends:

Victor Dolliver in mingling with and engaging senators and officials in conversation, occasionally drops remarks indicating that he is a farmer and actively engaged in tilling the soil. Such remarks invariable (sic) call forth humorous observations and suggestions of incredulity. At this point Dolliver reaches into his h ip pocket and produces a regulation corn husker well worn and bright, and the Cincinnatus leaving his plow story fastened upon Victor by an Oregonian, has been succeeded by the corn-husking incident.

(Editor’s note: Victor Dolliver was the brother of J.P. Dolliver, an Iowa senator.)


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