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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 12, 1907

Town Topics

The six weeks reign of the groundhog is drawing to a close. The Candlemas day phophecy (sic) has been remarkable for its nonfulfillment this year and hereafter the doubting Thomases will be more clamorous than ever in declaring that the conditions of that day have nothing to do with the settling of the weather for the six weeks to come.

■ ■ ■

When the sun is permitted to have a clear course in a blue sky these days, puffy little yellow clouds are seen going in no particular direction, bobbin up and down like a boy’s kite with not enough of bobs to held (sic) it in a dignified position.

That’s March for you.

It’s the breaking up time of Winter and while seasons change and the doings of the weather seems to be in strange variance with the programme (sic) of years ago, March is the same old windy month it always was, and so for its steady habits it deserves public respect.


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