Tailors Enjoying Big Business

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 13, 1907

Tailors Enjoying Big Business

The man who sells clothing to the men of Fort Dodge is one of the first to feel hard times or prosperity. At the present time he is having an immense amount of business and is not minding it at all. In fact he would just as soon have a little more for good measure.

The fact remains,  however, that Fort Dodge tailors at the present time are enjoying a large trade, larger than for several years past. One Central avenue tailor said today that never in the history of his business in Fort Dodge had he seen such a volume of trade as this spring. He said that he now had orders for more suits than in a long time. And the significant fact mentioned was that every suit is much higher in price than have been purchased in the past few years. This year the tailor in question has not sold a suit below twenty-five dollars in price. Last year and the year before last he sold very few suits above that figure. This is the result of prosperity. In bad times the old suits are taken from the closets, cleaned and repaired, and made to do duty in place of new raiment.

Brown and Grey Popular Colors.

The mandate has been prolonged by the tailors’ associations that brown and gray are to be the popular colors for this year. These were in great demand last year and seem to keep up in the front rank again this spring. Blacks and serges and the mixed goods in brown and grey are also in demand. They form the staple patterns of the tailors’ establishments.

The patterns this year, aside from the solid shades, run mostly to checks. Last year stripes held sway but this year the squares hold the boards. There are many pretty patterns to be seen in spring and summer suitings in the local tailor shops and Easter togs will be as natty as ever seen here. Fort Dodge men are coming to look upon Easter as being as great an occasion for dress as it is to the women of the city.


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