The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 7, 1906

Move Started for Modern Hospital

Subscription List is to be Circulated Through the City

Knights of Columbus in Move

Physicians Agitate the Project – Planned to Have Sisters in Charge – Board of Trustees to Care for Funds to be Selected

A move has recently been started by a crowd of Fort Dodge physicians which is backed by the Knights of Columbus and the people of the city in general, by which it is hoped to push through to a final end the much talked project of a modern hospital for the city.

A subscription list has already been formed which it is planned to circulate through the entire city for the purpose of raising funds, and the work will probably be started at once. A committee headed by Mayor Bennett and consisting of other prominent men of the city is being formed for the purpose of receiving the proceeds, which are to be expended on the recommendations of the committee, the Fort Dodge doctors and the Knights of Columbus. In case the hospital is built it is planned to place it in charge of the Sisters of Mercy.

Fort Dodge has long needed a large modern hospital, and in view of the size of the city and the excellent reputation of Fort Dodge’s medical men through the state it is fast becoming a crying need. The present move will no doubt meet with the approval and encouragement of the entire city. The cost and size of the hospital will depend on the success that is met in soliciting subscriptions for the purpose.

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