Measles at Orphans’ Home

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 23, 1904

Measles at Orphans’ Home

An Epidemic of the Malady Exists There.

The Disease Has Been Exceptionally Severe – Pneumonia a Frequent Complication.

An epidemic of measles in a most violent form has broken out among the babies at the German Lutheran Orphans’ home on Sixth avenue north, and one of the little ones lies at death’s door with complications resulting from the disease.

The malady appeared at the home some time ago, and at the present time every baby in the institution is seriously ill with the complaint. The disease has been exceptionally severe, and in every case has left the little on a victim to some complication or other. Pneumonia is the most common of these complications, while in some of the children, diseases of the middle ear are the after effects.

In the case of the child  which is at present in the worst condition, and which will undoubtedly die, the measles first became complicated with pneumonia, and later, in spite of all that medical science and the best of care could do, farther complications set in and the child has meningitis in addition to measles and pneumonia.

The disease as it has appeared at the home is said to be the most violent nature possible to the malady, being the worst that has appeared in the city for some years. There is, however, no danger of a spread of the disease, as the home is kept thoroughly isolated by quarantine.

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