He Forgot to Stay Away

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 21, 1904

He Forgot to Stay Away

Nutty Willey Returns and Gets into Trouble.

Steals a Coat and is Bound Over to the Grand Jury on the Charge of Larceny.

Ernest Willey, the “Nutty” Willey of police court fame, will probably give the city authorities little trouble for some time to come. Willey was ordered out of the city Friday morning and promised to do so and never return. He left town, but forgot to stay away. worse than that when he did return Saturday night he went into the Haire clothing store and when he left forgot to pay for a coat which he had carelessly picked up.

When arrested he was given no further chances to depart from the city, but was taken before a justice of the peace and bound over to the grand jury charged with larceny. It is probable that the jury will report on Willey’s case tomorrow, and a disposal made of the charge against him at the present term of court.

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