Crossings Blocked by Cars

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 29, 1904

Crossings Blocked by Cars

Expressions of Dissatisfaction with Great Western.

Alleged That Streets Are Obstructed Longer Than Legal Limit by Switching of Cars.

Many complaints are being made against the blocking of the crossings in the east part of the city by the Great Western trains. It is alleged that in one instance at least, the crossings on Fourth and Fifth avenues south, were held for an hour and thirty minutes and that often they are held from fifteen to forty-five minutes.

One of the main roads from the east leads into the city over these crossings, and as there is no way around, teams are alleged to have been held up at this point many times, greatly inconveniencing their drivers. It is also stated that the men going to and from their work at the gypsum mills, are often forced to crawl thru, under and over the trains while the crossings are thus being held. The time limit fixed by law to apply to such cases is five minutes. It is understood that the people who claim to have been inconvenienced by th Great Western trains in this way, are about to take action in the matter.

There have been several narrow escapes from accident reported, and on one occasion a man after waiting for the train to move for ten minutes, during which time it remained stationary, attempted to cross, and when nearly thru, he was thrown to the ground by the sudden movement of the train. Fortunately he was thrown outward, and only received a few scratches.

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