Chicken Thieves Make Raid

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 18, 1904

Chicken Thieves Make Raid

C.L. Peterson Suffers the Loss of Many Fowls

Resident in Southeastern Part of the City Loses Large Number of Chickens and Geese.

Chicken thieves made a raid on the chicken coop of C.L. Peterson, living near the Plymouth gypsum mill, on Thursday night, and today Mr. Peterson is mourning the loss of nearly three dozen choice fowls. chickens to the number of thirty or more were taken, while the thieves helped themselves to three fat geese in addition to the big Plymouth Rocks.

The theft was discovered at an early hour this morning, when Mr. Peterson found a glove in the yard near his chicken coop. Blood found near the building in which the fowls were housed led to an investigation and the discovery of the fact that he had been relieved of the greater part of his feathery wealth. The glove is the only clue to the identity of the thief, or thieves. No disturbance was heard Thursday night, although it is evident from the generous spilling of blood about the premises, that at least one chicken was killed.

Mr. Peterson is a foreman employed by the Plymouth Gypsum company, and lives near the mill in the southeastern part of the city.


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