Cars by the Carload

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 15, 1907

Cars by the Carload

Local Garages are Making Extensive Preparations for the Automobile Season.

With a continuance of the present springy weather the automobile season in the city will open up within a very few weeks. Already preparations on an extensive scale have been made by local garages. Three carloads of touring cars were received Wednesday by the Fort Dodge Automobile company, and two more are now on the road from the factories, and are expected in the city in a day or tow. They are Pope-Hartfords, Buicks and Cadallacs (sic). Two of these cars were already sold, one of them going to W.L. Meagher at Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada, the other to Benjamin Feltz of Wesley, Iowa.

In one of the carloads received on Wednesday was  a 40 horse power Pop-hartford touring car for Mr. Chas. Heath. It was a 1907 modela nd was selected by Mr. heath while in Chicago during the automobile show a few weeks ago. It weighs twenty-three hundred pounds, is painted a French gray wtih black trimmings, and is equipped with the newest improvements over last year’s cars.

Among other things it is fitted with a spedometer (sic) by which the season, up to ten thousand miles, as well as the trip mileage, is recorded. The spedometer also records the speed of the machine when on a run.

On the rear of the car is a steel platform, fitted up with adjustable straps, that hold a water proof leather trunk to be used for personal effects on tours.

The car is by far the finest owned in the city, and, perhaps, in northern Iowa.

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