Carried Away on a Cake of Ice

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 13, 1903

Carried Away on a Cake of Ice

Eight Year Old Child of Nels Gilbert, of West Fort Dodge, Has Narrow Escape

Was in Imminent Danger

Was Rescued by Hendry Henderson (sic), Who Waded Up to Arm Pits in Icy Water

Whirled away on a cake of ice, snatched by the swift current of the river, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Gilbert, of West Fort dodge, was in imminent danger for a few moments on Wednesday afternoon. Altho he was rescued none the worse for his experience, the situation appeared serious to those on the bank, until he was safely brought to shore in the strong arms of Hendry Hendrickson.

The little fellow was playing on the river bank about noon on Wednesday. Thoughtless of danger he stepped out upon the rotten ice, and in a moment a great piece had broken off and borne by the current, was carrying him father and farther from the shore. There was great danger that the ice cake upon which the boy balanced himself would tip with his weight and precipitate him into the icy water and the spectators held their breaths.

The current bore the ice raft past a piece of wood projecting from the water and the boy, seeing his last chance for safety seized it and hung fast.

Hendry Hendrickson assumed the role of rescuer. It was necessary that some one should get to the boy, before his frail support was carried from under his feet, and let him down into the water, which was much over his head. Without further ado Mr. Hendriskon waded out into the icy stream until the water reached his arm pits and safely bore to the bank the little voyager, already fully satisfied with his experience as an Artic (sic) explorer.

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