Big Bridge is Almost Done

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 5, 1903

Big Bridge is Almost Done

Bridge Engineer, H.G. Keith, Commits Himself to Prophecy This Morning

Conditioned on Good Weather

Hope That Last Girders Will be in Place Within One More Week

“One week more of good working weather will see our last girders in, barring accidents or anything unforeseen.”

Bridge Engineer H.C. Keith, in charge of the work on the Great Western’s new bridge in this city, made this statement to a Messenger reporter today. He was encouraged in it by the fact that the second tower west of the river was completed this morning and that but three more remain to be erected before the work is finished.

Altho it was well known that the work was getting well along, as any one might see who had taken the trouble to walk down toward the bridge, as many have daily done, it has not been generally thought that the bridge was so near completion as it is. After the last girders are put in, a little remains for the riveters and painters to do, and then one of the finest bridges in the United States will stand ready to bear the weight of any train which is placed upon it.

(Editor’s note: This bridge is also called the high bridge, and it still stands and takes rail traffic.)

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