A New Church Built at Clare

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 27, 1905

A New Church Built at Clare

Plans For Structure are Completed and Call for a Fine Building.

Will Cost About $12,000

It Will Be Constructed of Omaha Pressed Brick With Stone Trimmings and Foundation – J.H. Albright of This City Architect.

Clare is to have a very fine new Catholic church this spring that will more than take the place of the one burned last winter. The plans, which are already out, call for the expenditure of $12,000, and work will be begun on the structure as soon as the contracts can be let, and the material got out of the ground.

For three months now, the parish has been without a church, and the members are very anxious that the new edifice shall be completed. According to the plans the new building will be considerably larger than the old one. It is to be 52×98 feet and will be built after the usual style of architecture used in Catholic churches, with the tall spire in front.

Inside the finishings will be of the most modern. In addition to the sanctuaries, confessional, etc., there will be a choir loft and all of the usual features that are to be found in the better class of churches of the country.

The building itself will be constructed of Omaha pressed brick with cut stone foundation and trimmings, and will make a most imposing appearance when completed. The general style of the church will be a great deal like that of Corpus Christi and will be an ornament and a credit to the town of Clare.

The church that was burned was worth in the neighborhood of $7,000 and while the loss of the old building was felt by the parish, the new one will go a long way toward atoning, in that it is to be so much finer than the former one.

The plans for it were gotten out by J.H. Albright, of this city, and when the contract is let it will probably be from his office here. The church at Clare when finished will undoubtedly be the finest in the country outside of Fort Dodge.

(Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure in the last paragraph they meant to say county instead of country. St. Matthew’s Church in Clare is one of the Catholic churches in Webster County that will be closed by 2019 in an effort to consolidate operations to Fort Dodge. Messenger article.)


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