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Business Block for First Avenue South

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 15, 1904

Business Block for First Avenue South

Big Three Story Double Store to be Build (sic) at 8th Street and First Ave. South.

Be Finished in Four Months

Upper Stories Furnished for Office Rooms and Flats – Will Be One of the Best Business Buildings of the City – Work Began at Once.

The contract has just been let for the erection of a fine business block on First ave south at the corner of Eighth Street. J.T. Gleason is the man who is backing the enterprise.

Double Store Room

The building is to be three stories with a basement the full length. The lower part of the structure will be finished and fitted for two store rooms, both of which will be large and roomy designed to accommodate two large business enterprises. The second story of the structure will be finished up for offices and flats. It as (sic) not yet been decided what will be done with the third story. The office rooms and flats will be finished in the latest and most up-to-date manner, and the building, when completed, will be one of the finest in the city.

Will Be Finished in Four Months.

The contract has been let to W.J. Zitterell of this city, who is to turn over the completed building for acceptance inside of the next four months. Work will be begun at once. The excavators will begin this week, and the project pushed to completion with all possible haste.

Purpose Not Known.

What the purpose of Mr. Gleason is in the erection of the building is not known. When asked this morning what business would occupy the structure, he stated he had nothing to say with regard to this part of the matter, but inferred it might be for rent. Architect J.H. Albrigh3t (sic) designed the building.

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New Company is Organized

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 19, 1903

New Company is Organized

De Loura Auto Manufacturing Company Adopts Articles of Incorporation Thursday Afternoon.

It is Capitalized at $30,000.

$25,000 of this Amount is Paid up – Officers and Directors Are Elected At Meeting On Thursday – Plans for Opening Plant.

The De Loura Auto Manufacturing company, the latest addition to the industries of Fort Dodge, was organized and its articles of incorporation drawn up at a meeting of stock holders in the rooms of the Commercial club on Thursday afternoon. The company is capitalized at $30,000, with $25,000 paid up.

Officers and directors were elected as follows:

President, J.H. Abel.
Vice President, L.E. Armstrong.
Secretary and treasurer, F.C. Minogue.
Manager, H.E. De Loura.
Directors –
F.V. Sherman
H.E. DeLoura
J.H. Abel
J.T. Gleason
F.C. Minogue
Samuel Emms, of Perry.

It is expected that by the first of next week answers will be received from the parties from whom references with regard to Mr. DeLoura’s character are expected. If these replies are of the favorable character which is expected, the company will pay Mr. DeLoura $3,000 and he will at once come to the city from Perry and let contracts for the new buildings and prepare to place his plant in operation, which he hopes to do within thirty days.

The stockholders of the new company, aside from those already mentions in the list of officers and directors are as follows:

W.S. Putman of Des Moines
F. T. Clark
William Fessel
Ferdinand Moeller
Dr. Alton
A.M. Feltz
M.J. Haire
T.F. Flaherty
M.F. Healy
C.W. Ackerman
J. Jensen
P.J. Tierney
C.W. Wakeman
J.F. Flaherty
L.L. Leighton
E.G. Larson.

(Editor’s note: The inflation calculator converts $3,000 to $71,848; $25,000 to $598,737; and $30,000 to $718,484.)

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