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Plymouth Will Not Close Out

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 1, 1906

Plymouth Will Not Close Out

Clothing Company Has Been Re-organized with V.N. Bloomgren as Manager.

Fort Dodge people will be rejoiced to hear that the Plymouth Clothing house, for years one of the strongest business houses of its kind in the city, will not go out of business, pursuant to announcement made a few months ago, but has been re-organized and will remain among the business firms of Fort Dodge.

By the re-organization of the company which will operate it which was effected yesterday Mr. V.N. Bloomgren who for the past two years has assisted Mr. Amrstrong, the owner in the management of the store, will assume the full control and management. Mr. Armstrong will not withdraw his interests entirely but will continue as a part owner in the business, and will devote such time to the business as his other interests permit. The store will still be known as the “Plymouth Clothing House” and its policy along all general lines will be the same as formerly.

The remainder of the present stock will be closed out as far as possible and full new lines of goods installed.

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Plymouth Gypsum Company Organized

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: July 2, 1903

Plymouth Gypsum Company Organized

New $200,000 Corporation Will Build Large Mill and Enter the Market for Business.

Capacity 400 Tons 24 Hours.

L.E. Armstrong, J.T. Cheney, and M.D. O’Connell Are Incorporators of New Company Which Will Be Ready for Business February 1.

Every important step is completed in the organization of a new gypsum mill company in Fort Dodge.

The Plymouth Gypsum company is the title of the new company and it is due to the business sagacity and untiring zeal of L.E. Armstrong, founder of the Plymouth Clothing House of Fort Dodge that this important new industry is a substantial fact. Mr. Armstrong has been studying and planning for two years to do this, and  as a result of this mature though his associates in the new company feel encouraged to believe that they will meet with success.

Mr. Armstrong will be the president of the Plymouth Gypsum company and John T. Cheney treasurer.  The capital required is already subscribed. Teh capital stock of the corporation will be $200,000 ($4,789,896 today), divided into 2,000 shares of $100 ($2,395) each. The organization was completed on a basis of $50 a share ($1,197), so there is $100,000 ($2,394,948) capital fully paid in.

Mention of this new company was made in The Messenger early in the spring, when Mr. Armstrong secured the 30-acre tract of land immediately south of Oleson Park, adjoining and lying south of the Illinois Central tracks. That will be the site of the mill and careful underground examination shows that there is a splendid gypsum deposit which will be extracted by the modern mining methods. Thirty acres of the land is on the north side of the Illinois Central tracks, and forty acres on the south side.

The mill will be a four kettle plant with two dryers. The capacity will be four hundred tons per twenty-four hours. Artices (sic) of incorporation will be filed at once and operations on the mine will be begun at once. They plan to have the mill complete, and ready to fun, February 1, 1904. Mr. Armstrong will undertake the management of the business, and that means there will be plenty of energy and ability shown.

The surface value of the tract of land owned by the Plymouth Gypsum company is very valuable, being within one-half mile of the street car line and within one-quarter of a mile of the city limits.

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New Company is Organized

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 19, 1903

New Company is Organized

De Loura Auto Manufacturing Company Adopts Articles of Incorporation Thursday Afternoon.

It is Capitalized at $30,000.

$25,000 of this Amount is Paid up – Officers and Directors Are Elected At Meeting On Thursday – Plans for Opening Plant.

The De Loura Auto Manufacturing company, the latest addition to the industries of Fort Dodge, was organized and its articles of incorporation drawn up at a meeting of stock holders in the rooms of the Commercial club on Thursday afternoon. The company is capitalized at $30,000, with $25,000 paid up.

Officers and directors were elected as follows:

President, J.H. Abel.
Vice President, L.E. Armstrong.
Secretary and treasurer, F.C. Minogue.
Manager, H.E. De Loura.
Directors –
F.V. Sherman
H.E. DeLoura
J.H. Abel
J.T. Gleason
F.C. Minogue
Samuel Emms, of Perry.

It is expected that by the first of next week answers will be received from the parties from whom references with regard to Mr. DeLoura’s character are expected. If these replies are of the favorable character which is expected, the company will pay Mr. DeLoura $3,000 and he will at once come to the city from Perry and let contracts for the new buildings and prepare to place his plant in operation, which he hopes to do within thirty days.

The stockholders of the new company, aside from those already mentions in the list of officers and directors are as follows:

W.S. Putman of Des Moines
F. T. Clark
William Fessel
Ferdinand Moeller
Dr. Alton
A.M. Feltz
M.J. Haire
T.F. Flaherty
M.F. Healy
C.W. Ackerman
J. Jensen
P.J. Tierney
C.W. Wakeman
J.F. Flaherty
L.L. Leighton
E.G. Larson.

(Editor’s note: The inflation calculator converts $3,000 to $71,848; $25,000 to $598,737; and $30,000 to $718,484.)

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L.E. Armstrong Begins Drilling for Gypsum

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 18, 1903

L.E. Armstrong Begins Drilling for Gypsum

Is Prospecting Land With View to Determining Location of New Mill.

Drilling for gypsum has begun on the land southeast of the city, which was recently purchased by L.E. Armstrong with the intention of establishing a new gypsum mill. Mr. Armstrong has not as yet prospected about thirty acres of the land purchased by him, and the work is now being carried on with the intention of finding the thickness and location of the veins of gypsum rock.

It is expected that the result of the prospecting which is now being carried on, will be to determine the location of the mill. The drilling is being done by Tom Irvin.

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