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Cars by the Carload

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 15, 1907

Cars by the Carload

Local Garages are Making Extensive Preparations for the Automobile Season.

With a continuance of the present springy weather the automobile season in the city will open up within a very few weeks. Already preparations on an extensive scale have been made by local garages. Three carloads of touring cars were received Wednesday by the Fort Dodge Automobile company, and two more are now on the road from the factories, and are expected in the city in a day or tow. They are Pope-Hartfords, Buicks and Cadallacs (sic). Two of these cars were already sold, one of them going to W.L. Meagher at Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada, the other to Benjamin Feltz of Wesley, Iowa.

In one of the carloads received on Wednesday was  a 40 horse power Pop-hartford touring car for Mr. Chas. Heath. It was a 1907 modela nd was selected by Mr. heath while in Chicago during the automobile show a few weeks ago. It weighs twenty-three hundred pounds, is painted a French gray wtih black trimmings, and is equipped with the newest improvements over last year’s cars.

Among other things it is fitted with a spedometer (sic) by which the season, up to ten thousand miles, as well as the trip mileage, is recorded. The spedometer also records the speed of the machine when on a run.

On the rear of the car is a steel platform, fitted up with adjustable straps, that hold a water proof leather trunk to be used for personal effects on tours.

The car is by far the finest owned in the city, and, perhaps, in northern Iowa.

The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 5, 1904

Coalville Man Wins Automobile

Oscar Hult, a Young Man Employed in Coal Mines, has Lucky Number

Winning  Number is 30,358

Automobile Proves Popular, and No Dissatisfaction With Result.

One day last summer, Oscar Hult, a coal miner in the employ of the Gleason Coal company at Coalville, went into the Plymouth Clothing house and bought a suit of clothes. When the clerk wrapped them up he gave Mr. Hult ten tickets on the automobile, which was raffled off last Wednesday evening. During the last year different persons within a radius of fifty miles have bought clothing in Fort Dodge at the Plymouth because they wanted to get a ticket on the automobile. When the doors were opened Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock there was a large crowd waiting outside. The weather was fierce. Sweeping blasts from the northwest caused men to pull their coat collars a little  higher, but it did not deter them from being present and on time. It only required a short time to fill the store although special provisions had been made for the reception. The tables laden with clothing had been pushed pack and a temporary stage made in the center of the room On it the committee consisting of Will Cisne, R.E. Sherman, J.E. Downing, John Ruge, G.F. Rankin, Chas H. Colby and E.G. Healy, began the work of finding the lucky number. The tickets were placed in a large revolving church and after a thorough mixing one was drawn out. When it was read, there was a dead silence. There were no cries of “I have it.” Then twenty-nine others were drawn and called out to be used in case the first one did not come to light.

When the train from Coalville pulled into the station at noon today there was a large number of men and boys who alighted and made straight for the Plymouth. Oscar Hult only touched the ground a few times on his way down town. He had the lucky number clutched tightly in his hand and wore a smile that would not come off when he made known the fact at the Plymouth. His friends and associates shared in the joy with him. He concluded to leave his property where it is for the present, but expects to dispose of it in a short time. The drawing has been a great success as well as a great advertisement for the Plymouth. All those who held tickets were perfectly satisfied with the manner in which the raffle has been conducted. Mr. Hult is to be congratulated.