Runaways Become Popular

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 7, 1904

Runaways Become Popular

Horses Become Impatient and Run Away

Fine Weather Seems to Affect Horses – Runaways Friday and One Today.

A runaway that caused no little excitement occurred late Friday afternoon. A horse and light runabout belonging to Mrs. Margaret Fisher was tied off South Seventh street. The horse growing impatient, jerked the bridle loose, and realizing its freedom started to run. A phenomenal run to the Corpus Christi church was made, when the horse turned and retiring to North Seventh street, started back apparently to the place of starting. When near the Chronicle office, it swung in between two equipages tied there and made the remainder of the trip to Central avenue – on the sidewalk. Many attempts were made to stop the animal, but all proved unavailing owing to the loss of the bridle. After running down South Seventh street the horse turned and did not stop until it had reached the Fisher home on Second avenue south.

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One of the delivery wagons belonging to the grocery department of the right place on Central avenue and North Sixth street took a merry spin down the street this morning at about eleven o’clock. The horse, which did not get a very good start, ran only as far as the park, when it was stopped and taken back to the Right Place.

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