Roy Parker Bitten by Hunting Dog

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 9, 1905

Roy Parker Bitten by Hunting Dog

Was Cared For by Physician and No Bad Results are Feared

Roy Parker was severely bitten by a dog belonging to George Kehm (on) Eighth Avenue north and Eighth street last evening as he was walking past the Kehm residence. The wound inflicted by the animal’s teeth was so severe that it required the attention of a physician. It is thought, however that there will be no serious results from the bit, as the dog is known to be in a healthy condition.

The police were notified of the affair and the animal was to have been killed, but on the promise of the owners to keep him muzzled, they allowed it to live. The dog is a valuable one, being a thoroughbred hunter, and Mr. Kehm did not wish to lose him.

At the time he was bitten Parker was walking in the north end of the city and was approached by the animal from behind almost without warning the dog snapping him in the fleshy part of the calf. He will be lame for some time to come from the effect of the attack.

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