Habit of Letter Writing

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: May 6, 1915

Habit of Letter Writing

One of the Best That Can Be Acquired and is One That Makes Friends.

Don’t get into the habit of saying that you hate to write letters. Many a friendship has been broken by neglecting to answer letters.

Letter writing is decidedly not a forte with some women – they think it a bore and keep their correspondence as far as possible within the very narrowest limits. Others don’t trouble even to answer letters when they get them.

“Oh! you know I’m a wretched correspondent,” they will say in excuse.

The woman who can talk on paper to the person to whom she is writing, almost in the same way and with the same fluency as she would talk to here were they together in the same room, is by far the most successful letter writer.

It is one of the unwritten laws of etiquette not to being a letter with the pronoun “I.”

This is always a point which should be remembered in letter writing.

It is always a wise plan to answer letters within a few days. In this way there is no danger of your laying them aside and forgetting them. This is especially important where invitations are concerned.

-Camden Daily Courier.


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