The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 5, 1903

Fred Clausen, of Ogden, Narrowly Escapes With Life

Almost Ground Under Wheels of Minneapolis Train Bound for Fort Dodge

One of the narrowest escapes form death that did not result in anything more serious than a bruised arm, happened to thirteen-year-old Fred Clausen Saturday night at Ogden. The Minneapolis & St. Louis passenger train had just begun to get up speed after leaving the station and came around a curve directly upon the boy. He saw it coming in time and jumped, but just a little too slow. The fact of his being in the air with his feet off the ground, is probably the only reason he was not thrown beneath the wheels.

As it was, he was struck on the shoulder and thrown several feet down the embankment. The train was stopped immediately, and the crew went back to pick him up. Instead of finding him dead, as they expected, the found him sitting up nursing his shoulder, which had been struck pretty hard. The boy says, however, that the train did not strike him, but that he stumbled and rolled down the embankment, hurting himself that way. However that may be, he is extremely thankful for his exceedingly narrow escape.

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