A Ton of Honey For New York

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 1, 1905

A Ton of Honey For New York

E.D. Russell of Clare Ships a Ton of Honey to New York.

There is a new industry that is assuming large proportions. This is the honey bee culture at Clare. The bee farm is owned by E.D. Russell of Clare who has a very large number of hives. All of his bees are fed on white clover and make the finest of honey because of this food. An article in the Clare Tribune states that Dr. Russell will ship this week a ton of honey to New York. This is perhaps the largest shipment of money (sic) that has ever gone out of this part of Iowa and Dr. Russell is to be commended for his management of his bees. The honey is shipped in basswood crates and goes to New York in a refrigerator. Because of the excellence of the honey and the earliness of the season, Dr. Russell receives the sum of $320 ($7,665 in today’s dollars) for his consignment.

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