Vaudeville Has Good Week’s Bill

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 28, 1905

Vaudelille (sic) Has Good Week’s Bill

The Program at the Midland Theater is Good One For The Money.

The Vaudeville that is running in the Midland is making a big success and they are giving the people a good show. The bill this week is headed with “Zenoz” the one-legged wire-walker and he shows himself to be an accomplished artist.

The next on the program is the illustrated song which is liberally encored and the song and pictures are good. The Dayton sisters should not be forgotton (sic) as they are without a doubt the best dancers that has ever been in Fort dodge, and have a pleasing manner that wins the crowd.

Lucas & Heston who are the last on the specialty list are great fun-makers and they keep the crowd in a roar of laughter from start to finish. The moving pictures by Fred Steltzer are by far the best that has been in our city for some time the feature, this week in the pictures is “The Great Train Robbery,” although they have been shown here before they receive their share of the applause.

The show as a whole is equal to a great many high price attractions that has been booked here before.

(Editor’s note: “The Great Train Robbery” is online for your viewing pleasure. The note that accompanies the video states:

Widely credited as the first movie to tell a story. If the final shot seems out of place – that’s because it was designed to be a promotion for the main feature. The instructions supplied said it could be shown before or after the movie.)

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