Instant Death to Young Man by Lightning

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The Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle: June 4, 1918

Instant Death to Young Man by Lightning

Raymond Hahn Struck in Shelter Under Tree

Flash Follows Down Body

Was On Way Home From His Day’s Labor

Raymond Hahn, twenty five years of age, was instantly killed when struck by lightning at 8:00 last evening in front of the Ned Young residence, 809 north Fourteenth street. Hahn, who was employed at the Plymouth Gypsum company was hurrying to his home on Eighth avenue north between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street. A sudden downpour of rain made him pause for shelter under a big maple tree at the foot of the walk leading up to the Young home. The bolt of lightning struck the tree, glazed down its side, hit the man in the chest and ran down the side of his clothing. The unfortunate young man was thrown out full length and death was instantaneous.

The lightning burned a narrow trail down the side of the tree and its course could be followed in the burned clothing of the shirt and down the left trouser leg and the left shoe was also burned. Although the explosion accompanying it was terrific in its intensity, not a branch and hardly a leaf was shaken from the tree. The man’s body was badly charred on the chest and shoulders.

Mr. and Mrs. Young and son were sitting on the screened porch just twenty five feet away and Maxine, the little nine year old daughter, was out on the walk gathering hail stones in the brief lull that preceded the clash. While the shock was keenly felt by all the little girl who was only ten feet away was almost terrified, and it was many hours before she recovered from the fright.

Wife and Three Children Survive.

Mr. Hahn was born in Polk City, Iowa. He has lived in Fort Dodge for the past eight years and for six of those years has been employed at the Plymouth Gypsum company. He was married five years ago to Miss Edith McNeil. Three children have been born to them, all of whom survive. They are Rayma, Edward and Thelma. Besides these Mr. Hahn is survived by his parents, four brothers and four sisters who live at Evanston.

Mr. Hahn stayed late at the mill to do some extra work. He had gone by far the greater distance of the way to his home when he met with this fatal accident.

Through strange coincidence lightning struck twice in the same block Monday. The first bolt dismembers a big tree in the yard opposite the Young home. This happened about 10:30 in the morning. The second bolt brought death to the young man.

Funeral arrangements have not been made as the family is waiting to hear form relatives living at a distance.

The Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle: June 5, 1918

The funeral of Raymond Hahn who was instantly killed when struck by lightning Monday night, will take place Thursday afternoon at 2:00 at the Hahn house, 1417 Eighth avenue north. Rev. G.A. Osborn will have charge of the services.

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