Has a Feathered Qadruped

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 8, 1903

Has a Feathered Qadruped (sic)

Four Legged Chicken Adorns a Fort Dodge Poultry Yard.

New Style Chicken is Now Six Days Old and Runs Like a Race Horse.

Fort Dodge has another claim to distinction in the shape of a four-legged chicken which saw the light of day six days ago, in the hen coop of Mrs. James Kearney. The motherly biddy which hatched out the prodigy, was at first somewhat dismayed by her extraordinary offspring, but has finally decided (it is) entitled to a mother’s care and is looking after it with the rest of her brood.

The four legged youngster seems to be holding its own in the race for life, and in fact is a little better fitted to come out in the race which is governed by the survival of the fittest, as being blessed with more than the usual number of legs it is able to get over the ground faster than its less fortunate brethren.

When the feathered quadruped gets after an unusually juicy and succulent worm it is said to look for all the world like a pacing horse swinging into the quarter stretch at full speed.

Mrs. Kearney is looking for a visit from a dime museum man almost any day.

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