Fell From Bridge Into Des Moines

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 7, 1904

Fell From Bridge Into Des Moines

Unexpected Accident that Befel (sic) an Ardent Sunday Night Swain.

Fell From Railing Into Water

Young Lady Pushed Him Over Although Not Intending To.

Chivalry is not dead in Fort Dodge. At the behest of a young lady Sunday night a west side swain leaped backward from the lower river bridge and unharmed swam the raging torrents to the shore, where he was met by the young lady with open arms.

The couple in question had spent the afternoon together and as a fitting climax were standing on the bridge which spans the river between the main part of the city and West Fort Dodge. They had reached the most dramatic part of the situation, when the young man sitting on the railing was telling in soul stirring tones how he could “die” for his lady fair, when the young lady in question, overcome by his agitation, it is supposed, made a sudden move which caused her swain to lose his balance and with a graceful back somersault he dropped thru space into the river below.

The young woman was frantic at so sudden a parting and her terrific and disappointed screams rent the atmosphere for a few minutes, but on seeing her companion come to the top, sputter a moment and strike for shore she calmed herself and met him at the bank when he came out. The young lady’s dress became very wet in the interview which followed and it is to be inferred that while the young gentleman had changed his mind about dying for her, he has decided to live for her, and it is hoped they will be happy ever after.


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