EXTRA! Man Hit by Interurban

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: June 28, 1913

EXTRA! Man Hit by Interurban

Man Hit by Interurban While he Was Crossing Track in Automobile – Taken to Hospital

While crossing the Interurban tracks at Fourth avenue south and 22nd street in an auto this afternoon C.M. France was hit by the three o’clock interurban. He was taken to the hospital and surgeons are operating upon him in order to save his life.
It was stated this afternoon by an eye witness that the man was either trying to beat the car to the crossing, or was unable to stop. At any rate the car went halfway onto the track and was badly damaged.
This afternoon it was stated by physicians that he man’s right chest was caved in, and that it was doubtful if he lived thruout the night. Death is inevitable.

The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 28, 1913


Interurban Hits Woolstock Man in Automobile

The 3:00 interurban southbound hit an automobile driving by C.M. France of Woolstock at the crossing of the Great Western Railroad. Mr. France was badly hurt and was rushed at once to the hospital. The extent of his injuries are not known but he is believed to be in a critical condition.

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