Richard Snell is Caller in City

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 30, 1910

Richard Snell is Caller in City

Nothing Definite to Announce Regarding New Building at Corner of Eighth and Central Avenue.

Richard Snell arrived in the city this morning for the purpose of looking after business interests in this section of the state, and this evening will be entertained at a six o’clock dinner at the Wahkonsa by Hon. O.M. Oleson, and at which time he will meet a number of the business men of the city.

When asked this afternoon regarding his plans for the erection of a business block at the corner of Central avenue and Eighth street, by a representative of The Chronicle, Mr. Snell asserted he had not settled definitely on the nature of the building which would be erected in the spring and for this reason had nothing to give out at the present time.

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