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Misfortune Follows “Nutty Willey”

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 21, 1905

Misfortune Follows “Nutty Willey”

Has Finger Cut Off by Being Caught in Jail Door This Morning

“Nutty Willie” who gained increased fame in police circles yesterday by being arrested for stealing a Christmas tree, and getting a sentence of thirty days ont he charge of vagrancy, seems to be a child of misfortune.

His latest trouble has been to get the forefinger of his right hand cut off by being caught in the jail door. When Officer Dittmer entered the jail this morning to bring the prisoners their breakfast, he found Willey executing a double shuffle with variations for the remainder of the bunch. Willey took a sudden fascination for the policeman, and when he went to leave, tried to follow him. He caught hold of the door, and the officer not noticing what had happened slammed it shut, only to open it again, when a howl of pain came form the inside.

It was found that Willey had stuck his fingers in the crevice of the doorway and that one of them had been cut nearly off, when the heavy door swung shut. The injured member will have to be amputated.

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Police News

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 12, 1907

Police News

One lone unfortuunate (sic) who gave his name as Orin Carter was before the mayor this morning in police court.

Drunk and disorderly was the charge hurled against him. he entered a plea of guilty ard (sic) was given three days at hard labor.

■ ■ ■

The officers have received word to be on the lookout for a consignment of stolen furs. On the night of February 28th the warehouse of C.A. Lind of Marathon (sic), Iowa, was broken into and $600 worth of valuable skunk, mink and weasel furs were stolen. A reward of $100 is offered for the capture of the thief and the return of the proparty (sic).

■ ■ ■

Former Police Officer Peter Dittmer was a caller at the station renewing old acquaintances and chatting with the men one day last week. Peter, the veteran member of the force for six years, retired because of a desire to take some ease during the remaining years of his life. He cheerfully says he is doing nothing except to take a life of ease and finds the occupation a pleasant one at that.

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