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And Now They Are Both in the Toils

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 29, 1904

And Now They Are Both in the Toils

Harry Himmellman and Sam Beisell “Get Even” With Each Other.

Now Both Are Under Arrest

And Must Answer to the Federal Jury on Charge of “Bootlegging.”

As the result of a case of “getting even,” Harry Himmellman of Radcliffe, Iowa,  must answer to the federal grand jury on the charge of selling intoxicating liquor contrary to the revenue laws. Himmellman testified against Sam Beisell of LaPorte, when Beisell was taken before a United States commissioner for alleged “bootlegging,” and in a spirit of revenge Beisell turned around and swore out information against Himmellman, charging him with disposing of intoxicants without first paying Uncle Sam his due and at the same time endeavoring to employ the charge against the other to clear himself. As a result both are being held over to the grand jury on the same charge.

Last October Beisell it is alleged made a practice of selling beer while conducting a restaurant at Radcliffe. He later moved to LaPorte, a small town near Waterloo, and was arrested there some time after his arrival. At his hearing Himmellman, who had been in his employ in the restaurant at Radcliffe, testified against him. When it had been apparently proven that liquor had been sold in his place of business, Beisell in turn attempted to shoulder the blame upon Himmellman, claiming that if the latter sold beer in the restaurant it was without his knowledge. He was bound over to the grand jury.

When Beisell had been disposed of the authorities began to pick up evidence against Himmellman and a few days ago his arrest was decided on. Wednesday Deputy United States Marshal G.F. Gustafson was to go down to Radcliffe to place Himmellman under arrest, but the trip was made unnecessary. While walking along the street Tuesday afternoon thinking of his contemplated trip for the next day Marshall (sic) Gustafson felt a hand on his arm and turning gazed in the face of Himmellman, whose arrest he was to make the next day. The unexpected meeting was something of a surprise, but when Himmellman “braced” the marshal for a dollar the officer nearly lost his feet.

“You want a dollar do you?” he said as soon as he recovered his breath. “I guess you won’t need a dollar for a few days. You’d better come along with me.”

“Well I’ll be d——, I’m telling the truth when I say I’m sorry I met you,” was all Himmellman could say and then he and the marshal marched up to the city jail where the Radcliffe man spent his time until this afternoon when he was given a hearing before Captain W.H. Johnston. He was bound over to the grand jury and being unable to furnish bones was taken to Cedar Rapids where he will remain in jail until his case is disposed of.

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