W. Jorgensen’s Spring Chickens

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 26, 1903

W. Jorgensen’s Spring Chickens

Fort Dodge Man Has  Novel Record to Live Up to Each Year

Chickens First on Market

For Several Years, Including This One, He Has Had Brood by Washington’s Birthday

A W. Jorgensen, of this city, holds a record in the matter of spring chickens. For years past, it is Mr. Jorgensen’s proud boast that his spring chickens have been the first on the market. It is one of the events of his year when his first brood of chickens open their eyes upon a frosty world, just a little ahead of every one else’s.

For several years past, Mr. Jorsensen has had a brood of chickens hatched out before Washington’s birthday and this year was no exception, altho it was a close shave. It was only the day before that historic date that thirteen fluffy yellow balls crept out of their shells into the light of day, but they appeared and now bid fair to rank well with the other Jorgensen chickens.

Mr. Jorgensen scorns the use of the incubator. His chickens are all the product of the faithful efforts of the mother hen, who hatches them out in the orthodox manner which was in vogue when incubators were still incubating in the minds (sic) of the inventor.

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