The Ten Commandments

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 7, 1907

The Ten Commandments

As Revised and Re-Written by the Farmers at Jolley.

At the farmer’s elevator company meeting in Jolley this week the ten commandments, revised to apply to the co-operative elevator and grain business were read to the assemblage as follows:


Thou shalt join the farmers elevator and have no trust elevators before it.


The annual barbecue thereof shalt thou attend and eat of the roast ox that thou may live long and prosper on the farm.


Thou shalt not help they neighbor who patronizes false elevators.


Thou shalt not suffer they grain to be put in a dice box, nor on the camels back, for is it not written that the dice box is a gambling device and that it is hard for a camel to enter the eye of a needle?


Thou shalt build all the roads to lead to the Farmers Elevator and when they work is done and thy journey ended, they goods deeds will be placed upon the high shelf of honesty.


Thou shalt not sell they share in the Farmers Elevator at the rise of every little provocation as is it not written in the book of experience that there are ups and downs in every vocation of life.


Thou shalt draw the line and head your horses toward reciprocal demurrage.


Thou shalt do all in thy power to assist in a work to overcome the car famine that they grain may be moved with greater rapidity.


Thou shalt no longer be pin heads but spikes driven into the hides of the grain trust and their hirelings.


Thou shalt not lay these commandments upon the shelf where the trust elevator may cover them with dust and the moth eat them.


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